5 Reasons to attend a Wanderlust festival

Posted on 15 December 2016

Recently, we had the pleasure of attending our very first Wanderlust festival on the Sunshine Coast, Australia and it was… OMazing!

Wanderlust certainly lived up to it’s reputation and after four days of yoga, meditation & music we left feeling like we were moving in the right direction. That is to say we found our ‘true north’. 

So what was so great about our Wanderlust experience?

1. So many yogas!

From slow paced restorative yoga to energising Acro Yoga, there is a style of yoga for everyone at Wanderlust. Classes are held by top local and international yoga instructors and are best to book in advance.

 Acro Yoga

2. Rhythm to our weekend 

There is a rhythm to Wanderlust. You will experience a variety of musical performances in a number of settings including main stage acts (Deya Dova & Xavier Rudd!), intimate shows and yoga classes. Jam sessions are common- in fact we were gifted the pleasure of listening to professional yogi Dylan Werner play the hand pan/ hang drum and it was just magic!

3. Food tribe

Raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo… Wanderlust is a place where your food preferences are met with understanding, not judgement! Local vendors provide sustainable, delicious foods that are good for your mind, body and soul.


4. Mindful Market

A shopping experience you can feel good about! Browse a selection of locally & consciously made goods. Apart from our own stand, we picked up some cute yoga apparel from Inner Fire, Flow Yoga Wear & a stainless steal bottle from Source Bulk Foods. 


5. New experiences

Let go of your ego and immerse yourself in the adventure of trying new things! We tried hoola hooping, tight rope walking, Acro Yoga and even attended a beach dance party with Shiva Rea which was way out of our comfort zone... but that's where life begins, right!?


6. Community

One of the best things about the Wanderlust festival was spending time with our tribe. Although we did meet many a yogi, we also met people who where giving it a go for the first time. We also met foodies, musos, nature lovers, thought leaders & influencers. Everyone was different, however it was clear that we were all there to pursue our best self; nurturing all aspects of the human condition with love and acceptance. By the end of the weekend it felt like a family and it was really sad to leave!

Peace Sign

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