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Posted on 23 August 2016

What makes a great yoga mat? This is what we asked ourselves when we set out to engineer a mat suitable for all styles of yoga practice.


Having used many different kinds of mats ourselves, we knew that the perfect yoga mat would need to be anti-slip, odourless, eco-friendly, durable, decently sized and… beautiful!


After much research and testing, we finally created a mat that met all these qualities and more!


So what can you expect from your State Of Shanti Yoga Mat?


Beach Yoga



Our yoga mats are made from biodegradable natural tree rubber and microfibre. The materials do not contain animal products or by-products and are free from silicone, PVC, phthalates, toxic glue & toxic ink. State Of Shanti yoga mats are truly good for you and the environment!



The microfibre top is absorbent and non-slip, working to wick away perspiration from your palms and feet so you don't slip or slide during your yoga practice. The natural rubber base adds to your stability by stopping the mat from moving on slippery surfaces such as floorboards and tiles. 



Unlike other yoga mats that smell like chemicals and require special treatments or airing out, State Of Shanti Yoga Mats have no smell. This is a natural advantage of the eco-friendly materials used in their construction.



Measuring 1830mm x 610mm, State Of Shanti yoga mats are great for our tall yoga friends and anyone who appreciates their space. The extra long mat will give you plenty of room when lunging, performing wide stance poses and diving down in to Chatarunga Dandasana!



State Of Shanti Yoga Mats are 3.5mm thick. Our mats will provide cushioning to your joints during kneeling poses, headstands and sit-ups so you stay comfortable & protected during your practice.



Say goodbye to the seas of lifeless, plain coloured yoga mats you see in yoga classes! State Of Shanti yoga mats have been printed with beautiful, minimalist designs that are sure to inspire your yoga practice. We have been very careful to design prints that are calming to promote a meditative practice. 



Practice with your furry friend & travel with your mat on sand, dirt or grass without worrying about getting it dirty! Easily clean your mat by washing it in a front-loading washing machine or bathtub with mild-detergent. Your yoga mat will maintain its shape after wash. 



As part of our initiative to reduce plastic waste, we have skipped the plastic packaging and packaged our mats directly in to stylish yoga bags! Each State Of Shanti yoga mat comes with a free yoga bag. 


It doesn't matter what your style of yoga is or how often you hit the mat, State Of Shanti yoga mats have all the qualities you need to get the most out of your yoga practice.


If you would like to know more, feel free to ask us! Reach out via our contact us page here:


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