A consistent yoga practice will build flexibility & strength: An interview with yogi @nu.lalla

Posted on 04 October 2016

From her thought-provoking captions to her inspiring yoga 'play', @nu.lalla is a rising yoga star who is inspiring us to unroll our yoga mats and not take ourselves too seriously.
We contacted @nu.lalla to find out more about her yoga journey and advice she has for yoga beginners.
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How did you chose your Instagram name?
I have a mantra for myself. My name is unknown, even to me. I grow into it. I am not limited by age, name or doubt. I am made to love and to create. I am made to play.
My IG is nu is name unknown. Lalla is a poet that I feel close to. She is a 12th century Sufi poet I love. Here is one of her poems: 
"The Lord has spread the subtle net of Himself across
the world.
See how He gets under your skin, inside your bones.
If you can’t see Him while you’re alive,
don’t expect a special vision once you’re dead."
How did you find yoga? 

For me, and I think for many people, wonder and awe draw me toward practice. When I saw the practices of Kino McGregor or Meghan Currie, I became immediately drawn toward it. I grew up a very active child. My mother was a championship swimmer and my father practices karate. Movement is a part of who I am. 

How long have you been practicing yoga?
I have been practicing for 8 years.
Have you always been strong & flexible?
Perhaps I've always been flexible, but a consistent and daily practice definitely build on what we are given. I like to say that flexibility works like one's vocal chords. Our given range might start static, but with practice the range can expand to great degree. 
How often do you practice?
My practice is daily. Mostly I practice with music, sometimes in silence. Yoga becomes a way for me to return to myself after long days of work, frustrated moods, or stagnancy. I practice every day because I must. That is to say, however, that I love the practice. It is not a forced, "I have to do this" activity. I look forward to getting onto the mat (or the concrete, grass, etc) and moving. It has become a great release. 
What has helped you the most with your yoga journey?
My husband. Honestly. He keeps me balanced. He makes fun of me all the time, especially all the yoga. It's crazy, how seriously we can take ourselves. And possibly Frasier. It's not a very spiritual answer but that's the truth. I really love laughing. Anything that makes me laugh helps me. Children. I can't decide. 
What asana do you find the most challenging?
I used to have an answer for this. Now I think the hardest asana is the one to which you assign the most value. When your value shifts, the asana doesn't matter anymore. It's not anything but another way to move. 
What is your favourite asana?
I love them all. It's like asking which breath is your favorite. I can't decide. I like cortados. That's my favorite coffee. It will have to do as a substitute answer. 
What is your approach to nutrition? 
I do not have a special one. No restrictions. Mostly plants, very limited animal products. I avoid processed food but I do love chips. 
What advice would you give to someone new to yoga?
Stop worrying about how to do everything right or being good. Take a risk and begin. 
What is your favourite quote?
"Ever tried. Ever fail. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better" - Beckett
"Be kind to yourself”
Dancer Pose
Three Legged Downward Dog Variation
Handstand Scorpian
Side Crow Variation

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  • Kenny: October 04, 2016

    Hi! Follow you, love your inspiring imagery and messages. Thank you! Hope to make it to your class someday soon! Om Shanti

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